Inspired- we can walk in Beauty

When I stepped outside the walls of a Major International Oil Company- now well over 5 years ago- and to join a small academic team in search for the new and better pathways for our beloved Energy Industry, I knew my life was to change, and that the changes could be profound.

Our search for better pathways was inspired by our realisation, then and there- that our World was Changing and needed us (the OilCo’s , the Corporates, The Energy Professional, the Energy Sector)-  to change

And we realized that we needed to find the better bridges between Rich and Poor, East and West, North and South, the Conventional Energy Sector and the Renewable/ Innovation Energy sector- and in order to attain the dream we held true:

Energy- available, affordable, sustainable- to all.
Free of concerns.

When I stepped outside the walls of a Major International Oil Company- (inside its walls) we  knew already actually quite a lot about the complexities  of the times to come, the capital markets and our corporations, and it’s futures ( in-congruences ) and we knew already quite a bit between the strong-hold relations between Oil Price (High or Low) , Energy and  Finance and the impact this can have on local Economies (2008 Financial Crisis)

When I stepped outside the walls – we knew the key World Energy Scenario’s to be expected,. including considerations from the Club Of Rome and the rise in energy demands from a growing world population, including it’s consuming wealth demands (resource scarcities, exploration creaming curves, the un-sustainability of unconventional resources), shifts and dynamics in Geo-politics  -and we knew Climate Change, the loss of nature, air pollution from coal, gas and diesel, environmental concerns (e.g. Fracking) and the rapid rise of energy consuming demands, including  the rise and shifts of  new technologies.

When I stepped outside the walls – we knew that energy scarcity or volatile prices could give rise to tensions or new opportunity seeking in existing (energy-value chain) relationships, in economies (job creations or losses) , or could give rise to the Geo-politics of emotions.

In essence- we knew already quite a lot about (some of)  the realities in our beloved Energy Sector.

But as the journey of this practice (only actually) started, somewhere over 2012, I must admit-  what an enormous mountain of new lessons have I received–  ever since I left the protected walls of a Major International Oil Company.

I cannot describe this differently to you.

The learnings, the lessons, the insights feel today as we have seen, reached  and climbed a (first)  Mountain Top.

On our way.

As on this first Mountain Top- I have learned to see the possible and probable pathways that can help us to attain Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Development and Sustainable Societies- inside and outside the present complexities of Geo-politics, the present elite,  chosen organisations and tones of voices, capital markets and business ways of preserving working interests,  and the present ways we are organized and behave- in our businesses, in finance and in our governments,.

As I have come to see in and with the Eyes of the Most Seniors in our beloved Energy Sector, and the ones who presently “own”  or “play” in the energy value chains, as well those who are presently advocating or inspired to make the change

As I have come to see in the Eyes of the Young and the ones who are in most need..

And on this journey – step-by-step- I have come to see and I have come to meet with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Ego in Man, the Status Quo, The Repeat of Leadership Dogmas or The not wanting to learn or progress, and – at times- the Selfish character of nations, governments, people and organisations.

Of course, ever since year 2012- the face of the Energy Sector has seen profound changes.

Good ones.

Let us not forget the year 2015- with the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Climate Change Agreement and the break-through in commercial pricing of some of the renewables, business model re-inventions of utilities (e.g. the new E-on), energy efficiency around our industries and homes or new mobility inventions (e.g. autonomous electric mobility) has done or will be doing.

But let us also not fool ourselves with little tokens and small bones thrown “at it” (by the present incumbents in the resource holding nations and energy corporations) – as the latest annual statistic review from BP again so clearly and vividly depicts .

(or some of the better journalists have revealed over these years- in one-to-one interviews with staff from these larger energy corporations)

I suggest you re-read my more sober observations on this matter.

Go to observations

Through all the “smoke and mirrors“, and the – at times- rather ill-advised “policy instruments” assumed by Governments, and advised by the owners of the energy corporations (the ones that truly know) – and our highly paid management consultants (!)  and which are subsequently  taken on-board  “as almost the holy grail and truth” by some of our nations and global institutes such as UN,  IMF and IEA-

I can just simply observe and say;

We haven’t yet truly and honestly understood or started with Energy and Energy transition inside the walls of our better corporations

We haven’t yet truly and honestly understood or started with Energy and Energy Transition inside the walls of the administrations of some our better resource holding energy nations.

We haven’t yet truly and honestly started with transition of our economies and societies in order to attain sustainable living and working conditions- to all.

We are still very much in a Me-game, not yet in a We-game.

(and of course we are not to be naïve-  and we know first-hand the oh so many reasons why certain things cannot move that fast, or can’t move at all- but that is not the point today)

We are yet far away and removed from an open and honest approach to make our energy sector truly better.

And that hurts.

As time – in this case- matters.

The last AGM’s of our Western Oil Companies gave “crystal clear voice” how our present fortresses of wealth are being protected.

Clearly visible to all to see.

Willingly and perhaps- a little- unwillingly.

But let us also not spare the ones who advocate for change, the environmental lobbyists or the ones who press and want to imprint their own views and interests:

How different are you really from the present incumbents: in form and in mind?

Today- my practice has learned oh so much more on Global Change, Energy Architecture Development , Sustainable Development- and our “new global sustainability movement and elites’ that presently reign..


Today- my practice learned so much more on  how our present societies, our corporations and our governments  and UN organisations acts, behaves and works on these invitations and calls for better change – on the aggregate-  as we can clearly see on our horizons.

How politicized we at times are- and how important our faces and words have become in front of at the media and camera…

But one thing we can (all) observe:

What we think, what we say and what we do– is often not congruent

(and I say this here quite politely).

Resistance to change“- ever so much visible or a little bit more hidden from the public face.

In our Nations, in Our Corporations, by our Business Entrepreneurs and in our International Trade relations, and so much more.

And everyday we learn a little more on this : as such we may feel ourselves true pupils for life.

Of course -part of the answer lies – in our abilities to unlock New Visions (and Workable Transition Strategies to attain e.g. UN Sustainable development Goals) – on locations, in the regions- as well in and between our international partnerships,:

To heal, to fix and to re-imagine

Strategies that no longer are only good for the self (opportunistic or window-dressing), but are also truly there to serve and support the healing and improvement of our present and past, our humanity and nature on location, including preservation of mother Earth.

Locally, Regionally and internationally.

In the East and in the West


(One of) the other elements (“in our winning mix”)  is of course our chosen organisational forms of Leadership over Change helping to attain and integrate our Energy Sector Agenda with that of the  Sustainable Development Goals.

To heal , to fix and to re-imagine the ways we lead , finance and organize ourselves

Let us not be naïve:

The present World Order and the Aggregate of our Human Civilisation truly asks, begs, and invites us to become congruent.

To become “whole”.

Inside our Nations, inside our Corporations, and inside Ourselves.

Today – we are not.

The present World Order and Contexts we are placed in-  with all it’s rivalries and demands for competitions- the power, the money and the corrupted-  above and under the table, hidden and in the open– makes it ever so complex and difficult to us to become and live our lives congruent.

Again – today- we are not.

This is sad.

As it in this that we can attain the true richness in our life and meaning in ourselves, our corporations and our nations.

The right people doing the right things for the right reasons and heart intents.

Today we mix Fear with Hope.

Today we mix “Market Domination,  Market Share,  Shareholder Dividends, Needs of  Being in Control” with “Allowing a More Beautiful World to Rise”.

Today, we fear for losing our jobs, our security, our wealth, our life and life-styles, our little preserved  paradises, our money, our self-interests

Fear for the others. Fear for unwanted changes. Fear of losing wealth or face. Fear of making mistakes, Fear of not having enough. Fear for missing on an opportunity. Fear for not reaching our financial goals or targets…

And as such- and with this Fear– we fail to truly allow or unlock the more Beautiful World- in and between us-  that we know:

This practice:

The EFOW practice seeks to help our customers to build from Hope, to become Congruent and to Organize the system and organizational changes needed  and truly integrate the Paris Agreement/ UN sustainable development agenda in the better energy architecture, societal transition and country developments.

In the East and in the West. In the North and in the South.

As no other- we understand that every Nation, every Company and every Leader has his own history, culture and natural needs for progression.

China is different than Japan is different than Russia is different than India is different than Saudi Arabia is different than Nigeria is different than Venezuela is different than Mexico is different than USA. 

And no one is saying that it is easy.

If you want to read more on our working approach and considerations:

Go an read our working practice contributions to Energy Architecture and the Sustainable Development Goals: Lets Get Started!

Please down-load here our (generic) commercial enquiry/ proposal document for Year 2016:
Year 2016 – Basic Service Levels

To conclude

We have come a long way.

Around the world- millions and millions of people are contributing-   every day–  with their souls, hearts and minds  – making our world a better place.

For their children and for the generations to come.

Locally, Regionally and for some of them-  more Globally orientated.

As these people of good will understand it is “not good enough” to wait and see, and is it “not good enough” to expect that the present incumbent leadership are the ones with the better eyes, or the better minds and ways to change..

Some of “the change challenges” we face today – are so engrained in some of the deeper cultural DNA-grains of our social fabric- that they may appear a little more hard to de-code or crack.

(Just think for a moment how the more hard-nosed energy industry-, finance- , military-, and political theatres in countries as wide and diverse as US, Russia, India, China, Saudi- and NW Europe ( e.g. Germany, UK, Netherlands…or Norway… actually work- and you will know with me ….and you will come to see with me)

Simple reality is- that by becoming inspired and free – we may allow ourselves to better see.

It is in this inspiration and freedom of mind, and the warmth of our hearts (re. We are the World)- that we can assure ourselves that we are on the proper way- and that we will see the better chances and changes coming our way..

We don’t need to hurry. We don’t need to worry.

We are on our way.

Inspired- we can walk in beauty.