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The Music happens between the Notes – Yo-Yo Ma

“Every Country and Every Organization in this world can be improved upon in order to raise the human, social, economic and sustainable development to all”.

Adriaan Kamp, 2016

– Specially Formulated for the UN Sustainable Development Goals


How can we speak if we do not make ourselves available to listen and receive – and in order to better understand?

 Within the world and across the globe, great political-, economic-, social-, technological-, and organizational- shifts and dynamics are taking place. As we are also living in the age of sustainable development and great acceleration (the great acceleration)  

Leadership in and over Governments, Institutes and  Corporations, –   – invites a new balancing act:  attuning “(corporate) strategies, (business) innovation and organizational forms” with that of the “ dynamic context change” they are in.

Leaders are requested to re-balance established business beliefs and performances with the new (societal) needs or demands “seen or experienced” in the economy, society or nature.

Our practice helps leaders and leadership teams to reflect on these situations and roles- and to see clear and attractive opportunity pathways forwards, define the better projects, achieve and improve on company goals- whilst also helping to progress their position and relationships towards their organisation, the stakeholder community, the wider world and themselves.

We are organised to help leaders and organisations in their process of organisational and culture change.

Our practice is specifically focussed on (business) leaders who aspire to lead by a more conscious and more inclusive leadership form- befit to the 21st century.

We feel confident and most happy to serve you in your projects, questions or organizational change challenges related with:

  • On (Corporate) Strategy, Strategic Change, Leadership
  • Energy-Economy transition strategies and Organizing for success: building the capabilities and capacities to scale.
  • Helping you to deliver on todays targets and needs. A True (Operational) Performance Booster.
  • Helping (large-scale, delivery and change) programs and executions – Building (or reviewing) teams, organisational capabilities and competencies for success.
  • On dynamics in the market, developments in the conventional  and in the innovation businesses: global, regional and national.
  • Governance and Organisation of Large-scale complex, multi-stakeholder  (infrastructure) projects
  • Opportunity/ business development , innovation and industry best practices
  • On the New Role of the Energy Business in the community- balancing Energy with Economy, Society and Sustainable Development needs
  • Scaling-up and realizing organisational change and programs.
  • Leadership and Talent development programs.

Our practice focus is based on our proven background and experience in:

Vision Building, Strategy & Plan Making, Organization & Execution and Leadership over Change

Our open practice has established partner relations with the high-end senior representatives in academy, institutes and corporations throughout our world and engage(s) itself with experienced quality-elite personnel which can blend the global with the local, and which can help you to define your balance between society, economy and nature (sustainability).

Expert Teams

As such- we can orchestrate high-end, high- quality, independent consultancy teams  – ‘ our dream-teams-   for you – as an alternative to the established consulting practices.

Our (confidential) dream-teams – are very carefully assembled and are based on your specific needs.

They are staffed-up by experienced professionals from different industry groups, different sectors, different professional backgrounds and perspectives- and which can truly help you with your organizational needs- intuitively and rationally-  from strategy to delivery.

As our ways and approach with you is experience- based, imaginative and inspiring.

We deeply respect confidentiality and trust – and are inspired by servant leadership

Interested persons are kindly invited to write their personal request to our founder and director- in person: AdriaanKamp@energyforoneworld.com














[1] Affordability, availability and acceptability





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