Energy & UN Sustainable Development Performance Platform India (Demonstrator)

Energy & Sustainable Development Performance Platforms

A small, neutral, open and independent body with “elite staff and personnel” from industry, academia and around the globe[1]– and which can “guide, support and help” the major project and energy architecture developments (smart cities, O&G/energy architecture, utilities, infrastructure).

The dream-teams and/or performance platforms combines the UN Sustainable Development Agenda/ Climate Change with Consultancy on Energy Architecture and Project Finance.

Each of these platforms are truly localized and made-to-work for the projects, businesses and change challenges seen and agreed on location.

Please download here (for free) our Plan Frames for these Performance Platforms.

Plan Frame Brief_1

Please note that these frames are not ” cast in stone’, but are localized and made-to-work for you and your location.

Individually separate and unique, Collectively strong and hopeful

For and By Business

You are most welcome to enquire -how we can make this happen- for Yyu..

The synergy and opportunities for work and best practice sharing self-evident.

Platform India (Example)

The Opportunity open to us is to help and blend best-in-class innovation and game-changer architectural blueprints for cities, O&G, energy and infrastructure- from leading business parties in the West and the international community with that of India.

As such-we can create the new (energy & sustainability) blueprints for “the World” and “Made in India”.

Serving PM Modi’s Vision for India’s growth and future and helping India and the International Community with the goals for the post-2015 SDG.

Our Performance Platform (centre(s) of excellence) in USA and NW Europe will be staffed by a team of elite experts who can help to realize this mission.

Rajesh MehtaOur Co-Founding Partner of the India Performance Platform is:

We are very proud to have Rajesh Mehta as the co-founder partner in this wonderful initiative:



Rajesh advises many trade commissions and is working closely with international innovation agencies, including several in Europe. He is a pragmatic executor with a keenly honed strategic business perspective. He is committed to ethical business practices and is passionate about the social dimension of business.

Before setting up his own ventures, he worked in a senior role at Polaroid, where he helped set up the company’s software center in India. He is the Founder of various entities like Mehta Software Services, Entry India and EUGate India.

Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur and consultant par excellence with long and deep professional experience in diverse areas. He wears several hats as:

  • a specialist in formulating entry strategies for foreign entities into India;
  • a strategic consultant for prvate sector companies, governmental entities and non-profits in the areas of public policy and innovation;
  • an advisor to various international bodies on innovation, technology and public policy;
  • a brand management, media planning and public relations consultant;
  • a high level networker with access to top business leaders, think tanks, educational institutions, economists, investors , techhnologists and innovators; and
  • a promoter of joint ventures