How to Organize for Change?

  “Every Energy Company and Every Energy Architecture in this world can be improved upon in order to raise the availability, affordability and sustainability of energy to all”

 Adriaan Kamp, 2015

In the words of Ban-Ki Moon:

We are the last generation that can fight climate change. We have a duty to act

How are we going to live together and provide energy to all people of this world – reliably, sustainably, affordable, and in harmony?

Can we build sustainable societies for all?

We suggest you take a moment of your time and watch this 1:30 hrs brief workshop and presentation on the above subject- so you may better understand our working and educational agenda for year 2016 and beyond:

Our two days open conversations / workshops on Global Change, Energy & Sustainability and our Leadership will become available as part and parcel of the global UN SDSN/ MDP/ ICSDP outreach.  
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Please find here a typical opening presentation- of such an event:

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Please see here an example of such a workshop given at Trinity College in Dublin (Sister organisation of Columbia Earth Institute- Team Jeffrey Sachs/ Chair Paul Walsh, UN SDSN , MDP/ ICSDP)- and now also available to you (by Skype or On Location):

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Background vision, purpose and mind-set of this series

Stewardship over the Energy Architecture[1] in a global-, local- and corporate setting is to our mind a new and urgent business leadership role.

Within the energy sector, and across the energy value chains, great political-, economic-, social-, technological-, ecological- and organizational- shifts and dynamics are taking place.

Leadership over Energy corporations , today- be it in Coal, Oil & Gas, Utility, Renewables, Distribution or Energy Support firms – requires a new balancing act: attuning “corporate strategies, business innovation and organizational forms” with that of the “ dynamic context change and societal needs ” they are in.

This lecture series (and on-line conversation) helps leaders and leadership teams to reflect on their role(s)- to build the value case for business and change, and to see clear and attractive opportunity pathways forwards, whilst also helping to progress their position and relationships towards their organisation, the stakeholder community, the wider world and themselves.

This new-styled (open conversation) series is fresh and specifically launched for the year 2016- to help the energy professionals, knowledge partners and decision makers to partner and operate in a responsible and responsive way across to the change challenge we need.: delivering energy architectures and energy projects befit to the 21st century and sustainable societies needs.

Typical Themes

1. Global Change and the Sustainable Development Agenda post-2015. , including Climate Change/ Paris Agreement.

2. A Vision on Sustainable Societies and the role of the Energy Sector: A new balancing act on Energy, Economy, Society and Sustainability: The State we are In.

4. Year 2015 : Trends in Oil & Gas, Trends in Renewables. The Things to come.

5. Strategies and Pathways for Energy Business Innovation: Building the energy architectures of the 21st centuries. Building the Business Models and Value Cases for Investment and Change. Building the Complex multi-stakeholder programs and governance.

6. The role of new business leadership in making room for the new. Empowering the energy professionals to overcome internal resistance and build the co-alitions of the willing for change and innovation. From Strategy to Realization.

7. Societal and (Large-corporate) Organizational change in order to achieve positive progressive progress and success. Managing Big and Small. Building the capabilities and capacities for change.Policies and Regulations- Global, Regional and Local.

8. Leadership of the 21st century: The role of culture and context in progressing the leadership and business innovation agenda. The New Role of Business in the Sustainability Agenda: Stewardship over the energy architecture.


A range of industry, academic and practitioners are available for partaking. As guest speaker or behind the scenes- helping to make this series available, possible and into a success. .


This series has been specifically made for Post-2015- and it’s action agenda.

Special corporate packages are available and can be shared in combination with our business consulting/coaching practice- on site.

These lecture series has it’s source from within the Energy Sector, but is and can be made bespoke to UN-, UN SDGs-, Government-, other Industry Sector,  and EcoSoc- changes.

At present, our practice is involved in the preparation of a working paper on UN 2.0:

How to change the UN organisation in order to alllow the UN SDGs to succeed, and our global aggregate to remain in “Peace and All Good”.

We look very much forward to your participation and interest.