Energy For One World is an open practice with the focus on global change and the present outlook in our world energy system: (the change of) our individual roles, responsibilities and opportunities for it’s future herein.

Energy For One World core focus area of attention is on Global Change,  Energy and Energy transition and Leadership.

Our practice is organized to bring knowledge and insights to the world, to listen further to the world needs and to be a supporter of positive changes and actions on location, in communities , in industries and in nations. From Strategy- to Delivery – to Organisation.

Our wish is to be of service to you. Our aim is to be of value to you.

Please take a moment and enjoy our most recent presentation on Global Change, Energy and Pathways:


Our key customer target audience and focus groups are:

1. Senior Leaders responsible for making Energy and Energy transition change happen to scale. In governments, energy corporations, energy institutes or organizations.

2. Entrepreneurs, Corporate game-changers and future business leaders and influencers who look out for growth, opportunity and impact in this work arena.

Our practice is using an inspiring set of transformative leadership perspectives, tools and techniques- relevant to both of the above focus groups.

We may assist you in creating more clarity on options open and a better perspective of positioning of self in a more and more interdependent and rapidly evolving world energy constellation.

Our “informal and subtle way of discovery” may help you to get there.

Our experienced, no-nonsense and humble approach to Vision &Strategy, Opportunity & Organization, and Execution may be what you need and seek.

Please feel free to enquire.

Our services include:

  • Speaker-engagements
  • Publications
  • Workshops
  • Counselling, advise and education

We value positive leadership for One World- whilst respecting the identities and values of local communities and nations. We seek to work subtle and with respect, and based on our intent for deep understanding of the situation, culture and community you are in.

Our plans include the launch of an Energy House by year 2014.