“Every Energy Company and Every Energy Architecture in this world can be improved upon in order to raise the availability, affordability and sustainability of energy to all”.- Adriaan Kamp, 2015


How best can we organize ourselves in order to ensure that everyone on the planet can enjoy affordable, reliable and sustainable access to energy?

 Earlier this year we could listen to the voice of Pope Francis, the G7 and UN Political Leadership– and learn from Professor Jeffrey Sachs and John Rockstrom that we are accelerating ourselves crossing planetary boundaries and – perhaps also a little bit ourselves.

So in essence- Religion, Politics and Science have spoken and are asking us- the Energy Professionals-  men and women- to do better.

To work better together,  and to create the better energy architectures and better economies such that we, humanity-  can stay out of trouble, grow the social justice and harmony in and between ourselves and truly steward and enjoy this wonder called planet Earth.

In very simple terms- one could state that the Energy Sector – and over the coming 15-30 years has the following three goals to achieve:

a) Support and satisfy the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including our goal of Energy to All.

b) Reduce and resolve (the effects of) Carbon emissions into the atmosphere (combatting Climate Change-  prevent, protect, mitigate, adapt, etc.). Protect earth, nature and our waterways.

c) Provide energy to and in our societies and allowing our economies to grow, progress and transform : powering our cities and homes, providing transportation and mobility- and providing energy to our industries and architectures; Supporting and nurturing human-life and our well-being

In essence:

To power 9 billion people sharing one planet – in harmony in and between ourselves- with energy that is sustainable, affordable and available. For generations to come.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Go to UN Sustainable Goals and Agenda


Our practice focus simple:

Our practice approach is mild and simple :  helping our customers to organize the system changes needed  (energy transition) and integrate the UN sustainable development agenda (including climate change) in the better energy architecture developments.

As no other- we understand that every Nation and every company has his own history, culture and natural needs for progression.

If you want to read more on our working approach and considerations:

Go an read our working practice contributions to Energy Architecture and the Sustainable Development Goals: Lets Get Started!

We are proud to announce Four Practice Services specifically focused on Energy Transition and integrating the UN Sustainable Development goals into the Mainstream Energy Sector:


Presentation and Webinar Energy Collective on Mexico Energy Reform from Energy for One World

(our practice contribution starts at 19:15s, but we suggest you may find interest to listen to the whole conversation)

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We value positive, conscious and compassionate leadership –  respecting the identities and values of local communities, people and nations

Our key customer target audience and focus groups are:

1. Senior Leaders responsible for making Energy and Energy transition change happen to scale. In governments, energy corporations, energy institutes or organizations.

2. Entrepreneurs, Corporate game-changers and future business leaders and influencers who look out to be part in the positive change – and want to be part of the solution- not the problem.

3. (Executive) Educators and Educational Institutes who want to improve the relevance and impact of their executive educational programs on the topics of Global Change, Energy and Leadership – and with the help of our practice programs know-how or skills. 

Please feel free to enquire.