“Every Energy Company and Every Energy Architecture in this world can be improved upon in order to raise the availability, affordability and sustainability of energy to all”.- Adriaan Kamp, 2014

Stewardship over the Energy Architecture[1] in a global-,  local- and corporate setting is to our mind a new and emerging business leadership role.

Within the energy sector, and across the energy value chains, great political-, economic-, social-, technological-, ecological- and organizational- shifts and dynamics are taking place.

Leadership over Energy corporations, today- be it in Coal, Oil & Gas, Utility, Renewables, Distribution or Energy Support firms – requires a new balancing act:  attuning “corporate strategies and organizational forms” with that of the “ dynamic context change and societal needs ” they are in.

Our practice helps leaders and leadership teams to reflect on their role(s)- and to see clear and attractive opportunity pathways forwards, whilst also helping to progress their position and relationships towards their organisation, the stakeholder community, the wider world and themselves.

In addition- we are organised to help leaders and organisations in their process of organisational and culture change.

We are most happy to serve, also in year 2015 and beyond.

Please take a moment and enjoy our Season’s Greeting:

Our key customer target audience and focus groups are:

1. Senior Leaders responsible for making Energy and Energy transition change happen to scale. In governments, energy corporations, energy institutes or organizations.

2. Entrepreneurs, Corporate game-changers and future business leaders and influencers who look out for growth, opportunity and impact in this work arena.

3. (Executive) Educators and Educational Institutes:  Global Change, Energy and Sustainability (Social, Economic and Environment)- Leadership: Strategy- Execution- Organisation. 

Please feel free to enquire.

Our services include:

We value positive, conscious and compassionate leadership –  respecting the identities and values of local communities, people and nations.

We seek to work – creatively, subtle, lightly- and with respect and intent for a deep understanding of the situation, culture and community you are in.

Our plans include the formation of an House of Energy by year 2015.