A journey into Assisi: Laudato Si and our Transformation of Leadership

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In the fall of 2016, I received the invitation to come for a brief working period into Assisi.

Assisi is best known as the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Italy, of Ecology, Founder of the Franciscan Order, and one of the most popular Saints in the Catholic Church.

Assisi is also the place where in 1986- the world’s first inter-religious peace prayers were being held. : the birth of the spirit of Assisi.- of Peace and All Good.

Assisi is now also known, and connected with Pope Francis, who has given name to his Papacy and received inspiration from St. Francis.

I was here to design, author and/or co-create some new thoughts and bridges between the spirit of Assisi and the words of Pope Francis Encyclical Laudato Si! with that of our modern world and days of Energy and the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

To see some new opportunities for our leadership ways- yet un-explored- in and between ourselves and in our human talent and global leadership development programs.

To see some new bridges between the lessons from Laudato Si! (Pope Francis) for our modern days business and government leadership.

In essence, the invitation we have today is to see to blend our consciousness and care for deep Peace, deep humanity and deep ecology with our more mainstream economics and politics- at play.

As a start for our open conversation and some possibility thinking, I have drafted a first outline publication- with the title and theme: tales of conversion – for leaders in Business and Governments

The Energy For One World  working practice helps Leaders to develop a (local and relevant) strategy- balancing Economy, Society and Sustainability needs, and based on this strategy, on how to define and organize (business or national) change and/or opportunities- also based on existing best practices already proven in the practice of sustainable development,  international support organizations and finance.

The booklet “Tales of Conversion ”  is especially written- for Leaders and Decision makers who are tasked to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals (including Paris Climate Change Agreement) – and  to introduce some of the key points of views, insights, conversions and perspectives- that we have received- in this working practice- and that may help or support you on your way..

“Tales of Conversion”   aims to raise the conversation(s) we have on said subjects, and to support our shared awareness, insights and sources of inspiration- for our better collective organizations, collaborations and change leadership.

It is by no means exhaustive [1], nor can or does it intend is to be complete.

The booklet is and can only be seen as an  opening conversation, based on  insights and sources of inspiration, gained thanks to our working relationships.

As such – these words desperately needs to become enriched by you and your views on and in this journey,.

Only by an open and honest dialogue, enquiry and conversations between ourselves- on said subjects – can we expect to see ourselves on the better ways.:

Changing Lives. Making our world a little better, more durable and peaceful place.

First pilots and demonstration workshops and seminars have been held  has in Denmark- together with Assisi Mission, and has been considered an inspiration, success and a new milestone in the development of this working practice.

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