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Our Services for Year 2023

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Year 2023 Theme(s):

“Halfway 2030 and in New Energy Realities”

The Great Reset, Building Back Better, COP-28, The War in Ukraine and Great De-Coupling,  and (all in) our Decade of Action

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,
but in the expert’s there are few.”- 
Shunryu Suzuki (1905-1971)


Capacity Building and Outreach- Energy, UN SDGs, Paris Climate Agreement

In very simple terms- one could state that we –the energy sector-  and over the coming decade have the following three and common goals:

  • Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Implement the Paris Agreement.
  • Build Sustainable Economies, Societies and Energy Architectures.

and whereby Energy is further closely linked to the Geo-politics of Emotions, Security and not the least our Economies and Societies.

How and where best can we alter and/or support  the present international working approach and policies towards Energy, Climate Change and the UN SDGs-, and whereby our goal is to realize :

Energy, Societies and Economies Free of Concerns. Here and There. Now and tomorrow?

Halfway 2030, and 7 years into these programs:

How are we (really really) doing? What can we celebrate? Where are we lacking in our organisations, integrations, leadership responsibilities and actions- and especially on Energy and in our Economies? What can we expect? What deserves perhaps our better attention, and where are our opportunities for making Peace, Energy-Economies Free of Concerns?

Perhaps it is look again with (beginners)  minds, to share in our awareness, find “the better tone of voice”, the better dialogues,  the better organisational “forms and formats- the better bridges” and “perhaps more simpler and direct ways to define and drive change”  and by which we can integrate corporate, national and civic interests, formulate the (energy-economy) change programs- that makes some common sense.  Perhaps, and at times, re-engineer the present “institutionalized modes of operandi” in the sector and into our ministries: to support a true step-change and transit towards new energy architectures- locally, regionally and internationally. 

So the Theme for Year 2023 : Halfway 2030 in New Energy Realities – is:

How can we “smarten-up”- organize and transform ourselves in order to support and achieve the above objectives?

 What are the ” New Energy Realities”  we see ourselves today in, and how can we  realize  “Better Focus for Impact”  given “the True Situation We Are In”.

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Based on now over 10 year practice experience, and from executive classrooms , conferences , to ministries and companies boardrooms- in the East and in the West, the North and South:

Let us rise to our occasion!


2. Consultancy, Coach and Care:

– on Implementation and Strategic Choices-  in Countries and in Companies on UN SDGs and INDCs. 
– on Finding New balance and New opportunities in our Worldviews,- in politics, in our economies, social lifestyles and with nature.
– on Energy Transition ( re. e.g. Electrification) : advancing our present working approaches towards the realization of (new) Energy Architectures that we seek.
– on building the Better Bridges in our trade and trade relations on New Energy Architecture, Climate Agreement and UN SDGs (Human Development, Economy and Nature Conservation)


Workshops : Outreach and Awareness (& Speaking Engagements)


A contribution to the Sustainable Development/ Sustainable Energy/ Paris Agreement agenda

This open conversation support leaders and leadership teams to reflect on their role(s)- to build “the value case” for business and organisational change, and to see “clear and attractive opportunity pathways” forwards, whilst also helping to progress their position and relationships towards their organization, the stakeholder community, the wider world and themselves.

These new-styled open conversations re. workshops are fresh and specifically launched for the years 2020 and beyond- to help the business professionals, knowledge partners and decision makers to partner and operate in a responsible and responsive way across to the system change challenge and transformations that we need: delivering projects and programs befit to the Global Change Challenge, the UN SDGs and sustainable societies needs.


Listening Tours/ Audits & Reviews

“Listening tours”( or Audits & Reviews) can be a powerful tool and concept to allow a true and integral view on your present organisation and approach towards the change agenda and realization of goals and objectives within your Country, Company and Organization. Based on years of experience in the field, our practice is well organized to team-up with you , and to provide you  with a safe and  secure environment for “a true   independent, neutral – fresh and open-“listening tour”-  on your present status. “Listening tours” (with selected staff inside and outwith your organisation) are taken with all due care and respect for present leadership, stakeholders and staff.    The results of  “listening tours” can help you to see with new and fresh eyes to the invitations of change and the opportunities you have- and empower you beyond.  


Leadership Coaching & Executive Search

Leadership over business and corporations, today-– requires a new balancing act:  attuning “corporate strategies, business innovation and organizational forms” with that of the “ dynamic context change” they are in, and the global planetary, community and sector responsibilities we may carry or see.

Leaders are requested to re-balance established business believes and performances with the new (societal) needs or demands “seen or experienced” in the economy, technology space, society or nature.

Our practice helps leaders and leadership teams to reflect on their role- and to see clear and attractive opportunity pathways forwards, define the better projects, achieve and improve on company or country goals- whilst also helping to progress their position and relationships towards their organization, the stakeholder community, the wider world and themselves.

We are organized to help leaders and organizations in their process of organizational and culture change.

Our practice is specifically focused on (business) leaders who aspire to lead by a more conscious, servant and more inclusive leadership form and befit to the times we see ourselves in. 

We have built-up experience and networked -, to assist and support you with your Executive Search – for these relevant and future making positions. Please make your needs known to us!


In this format we could organize joint-workshops with the various actors, experts and stakeholders relevant to its conception and process. A one or 2- day follow-up workshop could bring much enthusiasm, drive and spirit into raising the bar, and preparing the leaders of the community to connect and accept that change and opportunity is possible, achievable and a good-step forwards. It can gain as such it’s role, function and position within your practice context and international community of customers.  A combination of an Opportunity Framing[1]  with more in-depth listening and visiting tour with relevant parties within and outside could be a great two-step approach in this situational setting.

Obviously- the first blueprints and plans (opportunity scope, etc.) for this will be be used in this workshop for the community of leaders to work with and decide on.

(Executive, Expert, Action) Teams 

Our open practice has established relationships with the high-end senior representatives in academy, institutes and corporations[2] and engage(s) itself with experienced quality-elite personnel which can blend the global with the local, and which can help you to define your balance between society, economy and nature (sustainability).As such- we can orchestrate high-end, high- quality, independent consultancy teams  – ‘ expert and action teams-   with you – as an alternative to the established consulting practices.These action-teams – can help to scout, frame and realize fresh and  relevant opportunities of change: within your country, your organization, your customers and internationally.

Together we can staff dedicated working groups/ (executive) action-teams by experienced professionals from different industry groups, different sectors, different professional and cultural backgrounds and perspectives- and which can truly help you and your customer needs: from strategy to delivery.