Skype Consults

Our practice has opened Skype Consults to individuals and for business consulting needs.


Consults can be on any topic related with our main theme(s) within our practice:

  1. A Sharpened Vision on our Energy Future and the Sustainable Development/ Climate Change- Paris Agreement : Helping to position.
  2. Helping you to deliver on todays targets and tomorrow needs. A True (Operational) Performance Booster.
  3. Supporting you in your (large-scale) program executions – Building (or reviewing) teams, organisational capabilities and competencies for success.
  4. Personal coaching (leaders/ talent development)
  5. Improved (organizational) integration between Strategy, Organisation and Delivery
  6. A fresh story of purpose and meaning to your staff within the relevant organisations, including key stakeholders
  7. Inspiration on Leadership Roles – including better balancing Corporate Objectives with those of the Energy sector and Society, Economy and Sustainability.
  8. New Business Development and Business Opportunities- securing new sales and/or sales funnels into the future
  9. Helping Organizational Change and Business Transformation

Skype consults will be scheduled on a  first-come-first-serve basis- as our capacity to handle customer requests is still limited.

The consults can last from 15 minutes till a couple of hours, if so needed.

The Skype consults can also take the form of a consulting project with desk-top work, Skype consults and face-to-face office meetings/presentations/ workshops combined.

Prices start low-end but can run well into serious consulting fees – depending on the client, consulting request and the time/effort needed.

These consults are open and can be used both by Industry, Corporates, Governments, Academia.

1. Senior Leaders responsible for making Energy and Energy transition change happen to scale. In governments, energy corporations, energy institutes or organizations.

2. Entrepreneurs, Corporate game-changers and future business leaders and influencers who look out for growth, opportunity and impact in this work arena.

3. (Executive) Educators and Educational Institutes:  Global Change, Energy and Sustainability (Social, Economic and Environment)- Leadership: Strategy- Execution- Organisation. 

Please feel free to enquire.

Mail or Phone us on- and/or leave your voicemail/ contact request :

Skype: Adriaan.Kamp

World-wide coverage.