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( On this page- you´ll  find just a handful of earlier brief video messages, and shared with some specific audiences, or at large. Please take your time to view and watch- and to get some brief appreciation of our practice ways)

2023- In-depth interview with Club of Amsterdam : Halfway 2030

Adriaan Kamp, Founder of Energy For One World, on the implications of the War in the Ukraine, the Geopolitics of Emotions and Halfway The UN 2030 Agenda – on Peace, Energy, Economies, Climate Change & Actions the realization of the UN SDGs. Where are we in our Energy Realities, what lessons have we learned over a decade of Energy Transition, UNSDGs and Climate Action, and what are the present thoughts and opportunities for making a good future: Energy-Economies Free of Concerns. What is going well? What deserves our attention? And where can we make the better interventions – coming monday morning – to make a great future.

2022- Humanizing Energy

2021- Webinar with Shell Alumni: COP26 Breakthrough or Breakdown?

September 30 2021, 15:00 – 16:00 CET

The November COP26 will take place. It is the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference and it will be held in the city of Glasgow. What is the place and role of COP 26 in the Bigger Picture of Economy & Rivalry, Corona Recovery , COPs on Biodiversity, Oceans and UN SDGs and UN Common Agenda? How do we stay out of trouble- in and between our Geo-politics of Emotion. What are some new roles, strategies and responsibilities that the oil and gas sector could assume to support the follow-up and success of COP26?

Adriaan Kamp worked 25 years in international project and business development management positions (5 countries) in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector (Shell Group International) and as a private entrepreneur of start-ups. In 2011 he founded Ever since, he has formulated a vision and action agenda to progress the (international) energy industry towards a next level of sustainability and leadership over Global Change, Energy-Economy Architecture, Climate Change and UN SDGs. His aspiration: to blend global needs with local possibility thinking and building bridges between the conventional energy industry and clean-tech.

Key takeaways:
– Brief History how COP21 established
– What are the major challenges for COP 26
– How does COP 26 fit in the bigger picture.


2021- Webinar with PEA India: Agenda 2021: To Build Back Better, the Great Reset and our Decade of Action.

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2020- After the Corona Virus Crisis



New Year Message