Year 2018- “In Focus”

Year 2015 is and has been a Pivot Year.

Earlier that year we could listen to the voice of Pope Francisthe G7 and UN Political Leadership– and learn from Professor Jeffrey Sachs and John Rockstrom that we are accelerating ourselves crossing planetary boundaries and – perhaps also a little bit ourselves.

At the end of 2015 -we have seen and experienced the results of years’ of climate change negotiations : The adaptation of an universal Paris Agreement.

In September of 2015, the UN agreed to embark on a ground-breaking program of capacity and capability building in the realms of Sustainable Development.

In all of these programs- Energy and the Energy Sector are crucial and vital element for it’s success.

Stewardship over the Energy Architecture, Energy transition and Innovation [1] in a global-, local- and corporate setting is a new and urgent government and business leadership role to learn .

In very simple terms- one could state that we – and over the coming 15-30 years have the following three and common goals:

  • Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Implement the Paris Agreement.
  • Build Sustainable  Societies


Year 2018 – “In Focus”

Our present realities invite us to look (with fresh eyes) at the ways our present system is organised and can be improved upon and adapted to change: to make it future fit.

Now in some very simple terms, we can state that year 2017 has made something very visible and clear:

Let’s admit- and based on the latest insights and news on the development with the Paris Climate Change Agreement (COP23), the IEA World Energy Outlook 2040, and the UN SDGs – we are not on track, nor on schedule,

In fact- and very briefly:

The Paris Climate Agreement (COP23) expects our world energy system to be fuelled for 80% on renewables by 2040. The most recent forecast by IEA World Energy Outlook for 2040, and based on real and evidence-based information from the energy sector- fortells us a world fuelled by 80% on fossil fuels, and hardly 20% renewables at that date 

It’s 80:20 vs. 20:80

So- with us- you may mind the present gap.

Unmistakably real.

But this gap is also visible at the UN Sustainable Development program- a program so essential to keep the whole of humanity and human civilisation in Harmony and Peace on this One Planet that we have:

Go to Dashboard and Article by Professor Jeffrey Sachs


Just to name some of the growing concerns over 2017:

The number of refugees is all-time high, there is ample geo-political rivalries, conflict and war around the globe, there is plastic in our water, our citizens see difficulties in breathing clean air,  soil and nature are being rapidly eroded, the run of emissions in our atmosphere continues, the rich-poor divide is at certain dominant places again on the rise, the gap between country development investment pledges and reality is still far afield, there is growing and mass youth unemployment in and the (international) edelman trust barometer has never been so low, etc. etc.

It’s complex. And it is surely not easy.

Not with the geo-politics of emotions. Not with the rise of nations.

Of course- we can applaud, marvel and be content with the present creations and realities of modern work, industries and lifestyle comforts, that have been created by education, rapid knowledge sharing, new technologies and our systemized ways of organizing our economies.

And we can be hopeful and confident of the growing number of people and organisations with awareness and new initiatives on sustainability, peaceful co-existence- and with eyes for the whole.

However – whilst these individual (people, group, company, country, global institutes or technology) developments may do well and appeal, it is in the aggregate of our human developments- the present system and the overall consumption and leadership behaviour patterns-   that may need our better attentions, for real.

Learn, Adapt and Change

If one thing is clear- than it is in our ways- the way we address and lead the above global context that is on our Horizon that is go-ing to make a difference.

Our institutionalized organisations- both at the UN-level, Governments and at our Global Corporates, and their elite- cannot do this by themselves.

They need help- and they need professionals that can invite and facilitate them into the better conversations: to cross some divides, to bridge some silos, to change the established- and to integrate some new possibility thinking into their organisations- some new (organisational) bridges and some new ways to change.

Global Decency“- those words were used (earlier) by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, when he called for the world and it’s leaders to take a little bit more care for the other, the poor, the aggregate of our human development, and our one planet called Planet Earth.- in other words: UN Sustainable Development:

1. Sustainable Development- a new kind of Globalization (2016)

2. Sustainable Humanity (2012)

3. We can no longer manage decency (2018)

In some very simple terms

On the moment that we know-how and see to organize ourselves

– for me and for you,


– for the other and for the whole

in a more balanced way

–  and in harmony with our common Nature,

that  we may become assured that we are on our way.

And let’s admit.

Today, we can and deserve to see some better here.

  • In our National Governments,
  • In our Larger Energy (Oil, Gas, Utility) Corporations,
  • In our (international)  Trade relations,
  • In our Business and Economic mindsets and behaviours
  • In the way we learn Leadership and develop our talents

In the East, and in the West- in the North and in the South.



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[1][1] It’s clear that in the present time of “Geo-Politics of Emotions” various worldviews are competing for their position. The question today is: How can we ensure that Humanity is and will be served – by these rivalries and strive? And how can we protect the individual human being, it’s dignity and religious freedom (of belief) and our relationships in and between ourselves, and with nature.