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Energy For One World is a consulting boutique on Global Change, Energy Architecture &  UN Sustainable Developments.


Energy For One World is a spin-off boutique Global Change, Energy Architecture and UN Sustainable Development consultancy firm from an (earlier) think-tank  and directed towards the realization of systematic improvements in the local and global energy – economy architecture and outlook.

A principle in this program is our understanding that all nations and all people have a right for energy and a good economy. In order to achieve this, and for a growing world population, we do have to improve on our local, regional and global energy-economy architecture realizations, especially if we take sustainability at heart.

Energy For One World practice focus and strength is on how we can improve and better organize our individual and collective strategies,  decisions and program (investment) making on Energy Architecture (Transition & Innovation)  (local, regional, and national) -and our Economies, Sustainability and Societal needs.

The practice is directed towards the realization of systematic improvements and energy – economy architecture modernizations.

Energy For One World  includes and embodies energy-economy architecture with conscious leadership values and principles- deeply connects with the UN Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda ( ,including Paris Climate Change Agreement)  , and we co-create with our clients the opportunity space for business and government to succeed in this energy world of today and tomorrow.

Energy For One World is also a consulting practice on the implementation and organisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our unique consulting formula integrates Energy Architecture development with UN Sustainable Development for Sustainable Societies.


You can read a little on our approach and ways in: Walking on the path of Sustainable Development.

We have a global outreach and intelligence network – and partner with a range of very senior representatives and reputable seniors from Academics, Institutes, Energy Corporations and Consulting.

Our approach of deep listening, understanding and informality is organized to bring knowledge and insights to the world, to listen further to the world needs and to be  positive, subtle and supportive in (energy-economy architecture) changes and actions on location, in communities , in industries and in nations..

Recommended Background Information – into our practice

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