Energy For One World is a consulting boutique on Global Change, Energy Architecture & UN Sustainable Development and our Leadership

“Every Country and Every Organization in this world can be improved upon in order to raise the human, social, economic and sustainable development to all”.

Adriaan Kamp, 2016 – Specially Formulated for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Energy For One World is a boutique consulting firm focused on Global Change,  Energy Architecture & UN Sustainable Developments

Our  hybrid organization is focused on educating and developing sustainable energy architecture, consultancy  and projects in, for and between developed and emerging markets.

Our partner -network and -team of elite staff and personnel from the energy industry, finance and academia offers a full range of experience to guide, support and assist in the development of Energy Architecture- ,  and UN Sustainable development programs, as well as project development, organisational change management, operational experience and hands-on investment to ensure program success.

Bridges to Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Societies

Please see  below some typical conversation material- from our hand. Best to experience and hear our fresh tone of voice – in open dialogues and workshops around.

Energy For One World is also a consulting practice on the implementation and organisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

You can read a little on our approach and ways in: Walking on the path of Sustainable Development. and our Book and Program for 2017 and Beyond

Please down-load here our enquiry/ proposal document for Year 2017

Year2017 EFOW Basic Service Levels



Our practice focus simple:

Our practice approach is mild:  helping our customers to organize the system and organizational changes needed  (transition, transformation) and integrate the Paris Agreement/ UN sustainable development agenda in the better energy architecture, transition,  country -social and -economic developments.

We understand that every Nation and every company has his own history, culture and natural needs for progression.


We value conscious and forward leadership –  respecting the identities and values of local communities, people and nations

Our key customer target audience and focus groups are:

1. Senior Leaders responsible for making Energy Architecture and UN Sustainable Development change happen to scale. In governments, (energy) corporations, (energy) institutes or organizations.

2. Entrepreneurs, Corporate game-changers and future business leaders and influencers who look out to be part in the positive change – and want to be part of the solution- not the problem.

3. (Executive) Educators and Educational Institutes who want to improve the relevance and impact of their executive educational programs on the topics of Global Change,  Energy Architecture, Climate Change and UN Sustainable Development-  and our Leadership – and with the help of our practice programs know-how or skills. 

Please feel free to enquire.

At present, we  seek Donations and Sponsorships for our Outreach & Impact programs- and would be very grateful if you see opportunity to gift, donate of support our work 

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We thank you for your continued trust and support in our practice and working methods.

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