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Our Founder, Mr. Adriaan Kamp – is available for international speaker engagements on Global Change, Energy Architecture and UN Sustainable Development and Leadership (of change/ transition) issues.

Speaker, Chairman, Moderator, Panel Debate / Member, Coach

Topics: Global Change Challenge, World Energy, Energy, Energy Architecture and Transition, UN Sustainable Development and Sustainability, Business Strategy , Organization, Program Deliveries, Business Innovation, Leadership.

For year 2023- Mr. Kamp has special time and attention for speaking requests pertaining to topics and audiences related on the ” New Energy Realities” and to gain a  “Better Focus for Impact”  given “the Situation We Are In”.

Speaker Profile

Kamp worked 25 years in international project and business development management positions (5 countries) in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector (Shell Group International) and as a private entrepreneur of start-ups. He has grown in his leadership role by progressing a balanced view on our world, society and our individual roles and contributions.

He is committed to servant and conscious leadership and common wealth. In his role as Founder of Energy For One World, Kamp has formulated a vision and action agenda to progress the (international) energy industry towards a next level of sustainability and leadership over Economy, Society and Nature- blending global needs with local possibility thinking and building bridges between the conventional energy industry with clean-tech.

At Nyenrode Business University, – and also in co-operation with Energy Delta Institute- Kamp has converted this vision into a new-styled Executive Energy (and Energy transition) Training – blending world-class academic thinking on Strategy, Execution and Organizational Change with practitioners and politicians from the energy value chain – advancing strategy and decision making based on this new awareness on the global and local change needs: game-changing the agenda.

Over the years 2014 and 2015, Kamp integrated the above work with the up-and coming UN sustainable development programs, and prepared, defined, authored, presented at Prof Jeffrey Sachs first and early UN SDSN global working conferences at Columbia University. In 2015, Kamp was invited to hold a special college classes at Trinity College in Ireland, and under the guidance of Patrick Walsh (right-hand of Prof Sachs on UN SDSN educational matters)

In year 2016 and in Assisi Italy, and on request of the Franciscans, Kamp formulated  a new bridge for the conversion and atonement of Corporate and Government Leadership, and based on Pope Francis Encyclical Laudato Si, the spirit of Assisi and the UN Sustainable Development goals. This work is presently the basis for his  program and engagement with the International Franciscan Order in Washington D.C.: Laudato Si in the Boardroom

In 2017- he joined-up with May East, UNITAR fellow and Founder of Gaia Education- and to deepen the collective work “on the edge” of education on the UN SDGs.

Over the year 2018, again, Kamp stepped-up and – amongst others- delivered some consultancy into the energy transition in NW Europe, and was invited to  join-in on an “EU-India Bridge Building mission” on Energy, Climate and UN SDGs

For year 2019, Kamp has committed himself to connect some dots and to close some gaps, of where we are today (on Energy, Climate and UN SDGs)- and what better needs done.

Post Covid, and in the Year 2022 (War of Ukraine), Kamp volunteered for Shell Alumni (energy transition network) and gave voice to the new urgencies, realities and opportunities we see ourselves today in.

Prior to these roles, Kamp started his career as an International Staff member of the Royal/Dutch Shell Group. Following the training in a 9-month international “elite” class to become an “Oilman” in 1986., Kamp subsequently worked and lived in Oman, Norway, Syria and Scotland – in various general management roles in upstream projects – and business development.

Kamp presently consults and speaks on a frequent basis, and on global issues, such as Global Change and our Leadership, UN Sustainable Development, World Energy, Energy Architectures and Transition, Business Strategies and Opportunities, Change and Innovation, CSR/ Sustainability and Servant Leadership.


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